• Bridget: A Celebration of the Triple Goddess of Forge, Flame, and Healing Springs. Auburn Theological Seminary Center for Multifaith Education, New York, February 2005.
  • “Witchual: A Spell” Sacred Harvest Festival, August 2004; PantheaCon, February 2005. A spell to view the dark and light in ourselves and our communities, to recommit to Goddess, and to reclaim and honor stereotypes. Text by William Shakespeare, Victoria Slind-Flor and Macha. Homage to Steven Posch. Approach in solemn silence and follow the dark and twisted path. Dare to meet your inner Witch, incarnate and magnified three times. Dance with hags and partake of the Witches’ magic brew — if you dare! “‘Tis time, ’tis time.”
  • Praise Be Lady Liberty! A collaborative ritual with Sam Webster and Vibra Willow, for Pagan Pride Day in San Francisco, September 2002.
  • A Marvelous Place for a Moondance. Summerset 2001, with the folks at Summerset.
  • Full Moon in Grand StaircaseEscalante National Monument, Utah. A ritual to empower and protect local wilderness preservation activists and to open the Escalante Wilderness Action Gathering. Co-designed with Juniper Brighidsdottir, Valley High and Michael Finnegan Rhys. May 2000
  • Goddesses Alive!  A Goddess 2000 Ritual. A processional and experiential ritual of masked, embodied goddesses to bring re-wareness of the Goddess into current Pagan practices. Created in collaboration with 20 others, presented at PantheaCon 2000, San Francisco, CA. This exquisite ritual, renamed A Rainbow of Goddesses, was expanded and polished, with original music by Amy Luna Manderino, at New College of California, under the sponsorship of the Women’s Spirituality Program and The Lilith Institute.
  • Dancing the Goddess Home. With Abby Willowroot and many contributors of liturgy and art, an international ritual published online initiating the Goddess 2000 Project, December 21-22, 1999 worldwide.
  • Celebrating Diversity. An interfaith worship service sponsored by CUUPS, Salem, MA, September 1999.
  • The Meeting of Earth and Sky: A Celebration of Thor and Freyr. Co-Priestess for this ritual created by Sparky T. Rabbit, Return to Avalon, August 1999.
  • Meeting the FatesCo-priestessed with Oz Anderson and Amber K., Magical Mountain Mabon, Jemez Mountains, NM, September 1998.
  • Kali, the Terrible Mother, and Other Dark Goddesses. With Sharon Devlin and Bone Blossom, Ancient Ways Festival, Harbin Hot Springs, CA, 1984. With Bone Blossom and Sequoia, MerryMeet, Saratoga, CA, 1987.
  • The Wheel of the Year. Coven Holy Terrors, MerryMeet, Rodeo Beach, CA 1981.

Panels (a partial list)

  • “Visions of the Past and Memories of the Future: NeoPaganism in California” A video presentation followed by a panel discussion, sponsored by The Pagan Alliance and Pacific School of Religion of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA.
  • Sonoma State University, Cotati, CA. Queerness & Spirituality interfaith panel, part of Women’s and Gender Studies, Spring 2001 Lecture Series entitled Queer Mirrors: Reflections on Gender and Power.
  • “Symposium — Pagani Soteria,” sponsored by Academy Arkadia, Richmond, CA.
  • Covenants of Unitarian Universality Pagans Annual Gathering, Salem, MA, October 1998.
  • “Pagans Look at Death & Dying, producer/facilitator, PantheaCon 1997.
  • “Crossing Over: Pagan Look at Death & Dying,” producer/facilitator, PantheaCon 1996.
  • “What Is Pagan Clergy, if Anything?,” producer/facilitator, PantheaCon 1994.
  • “Goddesses & Matriarchies,” producer/facilitator, Ancient Ways, 1993.
  • “Challenges to Paganism in the 21st Century,” producer/facilitator, Ancient Ways, 1992.
  • “California Traditions: 20 Years of Craft in California,” films, videos & panel, producer/facilitator, Berkeley, CA 1990.

Workshop Facilitator

  • California Traditions: 20 Years of Craft and Neo-Paganism. An overview and panel discussion, with highlights on film, video and slides. Panel moderated by me, panelists were Alison Harlow, Andraste, Pandora Minerva O’Mallory, Prudence Priest, Diana L. Paxson, John P. McClimans, Kalyn “Aunty Gravity” Tranquil’son, Jo Carson, and Greg Harder. November 1990The film was “A Dance for the Goddess,” a tapestry of rituals by Feraferia (founded by Fred Adams), by Jo Carson. The video by Greg Harder, “Between the Worlds”, included various Northern Californian Craft and Pagan rituals, events, performances and performers, and excerpts from Goddess Television Productions (Z Budapest’s show). “Rituals” was a collection of slides of various Southern Californian Pagan groups in ’70s. (available for purchase.)
  • Building Community/Maintaining Magic: A Workshop about GrowthWorkshop series on chanting, death and dying, creating effective large public rituals, community-building, dealing with growth, avoiding burnout, conflict resolution, consensus process, sponsored by Covenant of Gaia, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Moon Goddess Store, Gainesville, FL.
  • Meeting Death, Grieving LossUnited Pagan Ministries, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; Crestline, CA; Isis2000, Long Beach, CA; Tampa, FL, Kalamazoo, MI.
  • Chants and EnchantmentDenver, CO; Magical Mountain Mabon, NM; Seattle, WA; Running Springs, CA; Oakland, CA; Northampton, MA; Crestline, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Gainesville, FL.
  • Working with the Dying and Their Loved Ones. Magical Mountain Mabon, NM; Greenfield, MA; Burlington, VT; Salem, MA; Seattle, WA; North Hollywood, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; Atlanta, GA; New York City.
  • Death and Dying for Pagans and Pagan ClergyDenver, CO; Seattle, WA; North Hollywood, CA; Minneapolis, MN; New York City, NY; Costa Mesa, CA; San Francisco, CA; Burlington, VT; Salem, MA; Greenfield, MA; Ithaca, NY; Columbus, OH.
  • Crossing Over: A Workshop on Death and Dying. Metaphysical Celebrations; Denver Merchandise Mart Expo Hall, CO.
  • Doing Magic Where You Are. Magical Mountain Mabon, NM
  • Through the Darkness: Songs of Magic, Life and Death. With Beverly Frederick, Milk & Honey, Sebastopol, CA.
  • The Pentacle of Iron. Harvest Moon Celebration, Topanga, CA; Return to Avalon, Midwest.
  • So Many Gods So Little Time – Exploring Pagan Deity Yoga, A series with Sam Webster, M.Div.
  • The Morrígan. with Priestess of the Morrígan Barbara Glass.





Articles (a partial list)

  • The Broomstick Chronicles, informal letters from Macha’s travels.
  • “Law” PagaNet News, forthcoming.
  • “The Wheel” PagaNet News, Imbolg 2005, Vol. XIII, Issue 3.
  • “The Divine Feminine: Intersections and Collisions among Judaism, Christianity, and Earth-Based Spiritualities” and
  • “The Triple Goddess, Plus One” in Crescent Magazine, Issue 2, Winter 2004
  • “Witches Opposing War: Besom Brigades Bring Back the Broom.” Reclaiming Quarterly, Winter 2003. Article and photo essay.
  • “Why I Love Samhain” in Circle Magazine, Autumn 2002.
  • Our May Morn” Witchvox 2002.
  • Why I Love Samhain” at Witchvox.
  • Chants & Enchantment: The Magic of Vocal Spellcasting” PanGaia #26, Winter 2000-01.
  • “Pagan Seminaries & Ovaria,” Accord: Journal of the Council of Magickal Arts, Texas, and PagaNet News, Tidewater, VA, November 2001.
  • The Mighty Dead, the Beloved Dead, and Us,” Witchvox, 2001.
  • Meteor Showers,” Witchvox 2001.
  • “Remembering the Dead in Community” in Hole in the Stone: A Journal of Wiccan Life, November 2000.
  • The W Word: Why We Call Ourselves Witches in Reclaiming Quarterly, Midsummer 1998.
  • HungryMinds. An online GLE (guided learning experience), expert on Contemporary American Witchcraft, beginning April 3, 2000. December 2000 — Unfortunately, Hungry Minds seems to have been a victim of the great dot-com crash of 2000 so this valuable learning tool is no longer online. If you know of a site that would like to host it, please contact me.
  • “The Spiral of Rebirth: The Growth of Pagan Spirituality in the U.S.”
  • A Talk for Pagan Pride Day, September 18, 1999, in Burlington, VT, published in Burlington, VT CUUPS Newsletter, February 2000
  • Masks in Magical Meetings — II” in Reclaiming Quarterly No. 78, Spring 2000.
  • “The Role of Elders in the Pagan Community” Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth, Vol. 29, No. 115, Sept-Oct 1996.

Encyclopedia Entries

  • The Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism, Shelley Rabinovitch and James Lewis, eds., New York: Citadel Press, 2002.
  • Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories London: Routledge, April 2000, entry on Witchcraft.
  • Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, by J. Gordon Melton, NY: The Gale Group, 2000.
  • Encyclopedia of Wicca, by Raven Grimassi, Minneapolis, MN: Llewellyn Publications 2000, entry on Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft.

Interviews (a partial list)

  • Interview in Copper Moon Ezine: A Witch’s Quarterly Publication for Teens and Early Twenties, April 2004.
  • Featured in Women in Leadership in Faith: Voices of Hope and Healing in a Troubled World, Marin County, California, Roberta Swan, project director, 2002-03.
  • Interview with Sandy Johnson of Fellowship of the Earth about Witchcraft and the Web on Talking Stick: Programming for the Earth Spiritual Community, recorded October 18, 2001.
  • Interview in The Wiccan/Pagan Times, 2001.
  • An extensive list of other examples is in the process of being compiled.

College, Univerity, Graduate School, and Church Guest Lecturer

Representative to the Media (a partial list)

  • Pacific Sun, October 2006.
  • San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate.com, October 31, 2006.
  • TV interview on Tech TV’s “Unscrewed with Margin Sargent“, December 2, 2003.
  • TV interview on Net Cafe, Show #329, PBS, July 1999.
  • Mystic Journeys online ‘zine of Magical Cauldron, featured interview, November/December 1999.
  • ForumMichael Krasny, host, KQED Public Radio, October 1997.
  • Calgary Herald Religion Page, October 1998.
  • San Francisco Chronicle; Fox TV News; Pacific Sun, Marin County, CA; Salem News, Salem, MA; Aquarius, Atlanta, GA.
  • An extensive list of other examples may be found on the interviews page.

Presenter (a partial list)



  • San Jose State College, San Jose, CA (now University).
  • Stockton College, Stockton, CA (now San Joaquin Delta College).
  • San Francisco State College, San Francisco, CA (now University).
  • Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, B.A. 1979.


  • Ongoing collaborations with Witches of many Traditions throughout the U.S.
  • Cat Chapin-Bishop, 2000.
  • Sharon Devlin, 1978-present.
  • Reclaiming, first coven Holy Terrors, 1980-83.
  • Bonnie Barnett, vocal and breath work, 1979-83.
  • Starhawk, 1975-81, also Kevyn Lutton, Lauren Liebling, Diane Baker.
  • NROOGD (New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn), 1971.

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